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We love to hear and learn from you!

Ideas and Wishes

Many features in NLog Synths updates were encouraged and recommended from users. So, we love to hear about your ideas what we can add and improve.

Problems and Support

If you have any trouble with NLog Synths, we try to help you. We may not allways successful, but we try our best. Please do not forget to include the hardware model you are using like "iPod Touch 2nd generation" and the OS version you have installed. Please try to describe your problem as much as possible, so that we can understand and help.

Beta Testing

If you want to be included in our beta test program, please let us know. We get back to you with more details how you can participate.


And if you like just to tell us how much you like it and what music and projects you do with NLog, please do so. We love to hear about it and get feedback.

For all communication use the email link at the sidebar on the right.


Rolf Wöhrmann
Cassellastrasse 30-32
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Umsatzsteuer ID / VAT Registration No: DE262446486
Phone: +49 151 23010709

Privacy Policy

The data you enter in the download form will be stored by us and solely used for the following purposes:

The email address for the delivery of the download link, the avoidance of abusive multiple downloads and in case the newsletter has been requested; the country for managing export restrictions and statistical purposes; your first and last name for personal address within product support. Your consent to this privacy policy may be revoked at any time for the future. The content of the privacy policy can be accessed any time from


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